Allergy Concerns?

Paella contains no gluten, nuts or dairy. Our classic paella contains chorizo and chicken. Chorizo is a dry cured Spanish pork sausage. Vegetarian options are available upon request

Do you do events year-round?

We primarily do outdoor events from late spring to early fall. If you would like to do a winter event we require a garage to set up in or a large indoor ventilated area such as a banquet hall. Our food trailer does not operate during the cold months.

What is paella?

Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish named after the pan in which it is cooked. In its simplest form, paella consists of rice, protein, fresh vegetables and rich spices such as saffron and Spansh Pimenton. In the cooking process a shallow, uncovered, carbon steel paella pan is used to allow caramelization of the rice. It’s a party friendly dish and presents a complete meal packed with flavor.

Do I need a paella pan, or can I use any pan to cook paella?

A paella pan is highly recommended due to the nature of how the rice is cooked. The carbon steel paella pan delivers the high heat evenly to the rice and gets wider as the serving size goes up. The depth of the pan stays consistent so that the rice has maximum contact with the bottom of the pan helping to create the signature crust. Overloading a pan that is too small is often the cause of mushy flavorless paella. It is better to buy a pan that is a little bit larger, just in case you decide to cook for extra guests.

Can I use any kind of rice?

Not all rice is created equal. Paella should only be cooked with bomba or paella rice. Both bomba and paella rice are short grains that have been cultivated to hold shape while absorbing liquid without getting mushy. These varieties of rice promote the development of the beloved socarrat, or caramelization of the rice grain.

Can I use Arborio rice?

Arborio rice is not recommended for paella. It is designed to be used in risotto and has a creamy texture when cooked. Paella rice and bomba rice yield better results because they caramelize.

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