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Paella – The Hotdish of Spain℠

We have said it for years “there are as many variations of paella as there are hotdish from the midwest.” Paella is a traditional rice dish named after the pan in which it is cooked. In its simplest form, paella consists of rice, local meats, fresh vegetables and rich spices such as saffron and Spanish Pimenton. Since local and fresh are key, paella recipes vary tremendously, especially as you travel throughout the various regions of Spain.
In the cooking process a shallow, uncovered, carbon steel paella pan is used.  The rice is allowed to slowly caramelize and crust, creating the dish’s signature socarrat. We crust our paella multiple times to create it’s signature flavor.  It’s a party perfect dish and presents a complete meal packed with flavor. We have perfected our craft and offer 3 variation of our classic paella.

All of our paellas are gluten, dairy, nut, soy and egg free*. 


Paella Depot Papas Con BravasPaella Depot Signature Salad

Paella Depot Papas Con BravasPaella Depot Signature Salad



Signature Chicken & Chorizo -- $15-25

Grilled chicken, Spanish chorizo, zucchini, leeks, red peppers and sugar snap peas

Signature Chicken, Chorizo & Seafood -- $19-29

Signature grilled chicken and chorizo paella with the addition of shrimp (26-30), scallops (60-80) and New Zealand green lip mussels

Signature Chicken, Chorizo & PREMIUM Seafood -- Market Price

Signature chicken and chorizo paella topped with your choice of premium seafood. Options include: Jumbo Shrimp (16-20), Scallops (U10), New Zealand Green Lip Mussels, Clams and/or Lobster tail (2,4 or 8oz).

Classic Vegetarian -- $15-25

Roasted vegetable paella, marinated artichoke hearts, zucchini, leeks, red peppers and sugar snap peas


SALADS (Ensalada)

Summer Ensalada with Grilled Bread -- $65 (serves 10)

Ruby Arcadian lettuce with Marcona almonds, goat cheese, tomatoes and citrus peach vinaigrette. Grilled bread with saffron pimenton butter

Classic Ensalada with Grilled Bread -- $70 (serves 10)

Arugula with chopped Medjool dates, Cabrales, tomatoes and citrus fig vinaigrette. Grilled bread with saffron pimenton butter 



Classic Graze Board -- $160 (serves 10 as a single tapa, 20 when combined with other tapas)

Sliced cured meats (salchichon, soria and jamón), Spanish cheeses (manchego, drunken goat, blue), grapes, quince paste and marinated olives served with crackers

Stuffed Dates -- $35 (10 pieces)

Medjool dates, stuffed with fresh herbed goat cheese, chorizo and Marcona almonds

Papas Bravas -- $45 (serves 10)

Roasted salt crusted mini potatoes served with bravas sauce and lemon aioli

Cauliflower Bravas -- $45 (serves 10)

Charred orange roasted cauliflower florets served with bravas sauce and lemon aioli

Brussels Sprouts & Romesco -- $45 (serves 10)

Roasted brussel sprouts with crispy chickpea and romesco

Grilled Shrimp Romesco -- $55 (serves 10)

Large tail-on shrimp (16-20), grilled scallion with crispy chickpea and romesco

Jamón wrapped grissini -- $40 (serves 10)

Crunchy breadsticks wrapped with thin sliced jamón and fig glaze

Jamón wrapped asparagus -- $40 (serves 10)

Grilled asparagus wrapped with thin sliced Jamón and fig glaze

Garlic Mushrooms or Championes de ajillo -- $40 (serves 10)

Roasted mushrooms marinated in roasted garlic olive oil, sherry vinegar, and chili served with Manchego cheese

Smoked Tomato Butter Bean Crostini -- $40 (serves 10)

Butter Beans slow poached in olive oil, sherry, garlic, shallot and tomato on grilled crostini

Smoked Flank Steak Crostini -- $50 (serves 10)

Marinated smoked flank steak, herb goat cheese and fig jam on grilled crostini

Goat Cheese Sun Dried Tomato Scallion Crostini -- $40 (serves 10)

Smoked garlic goat cheese, semi sundried tomato, and charred scallion on grilled crostini




 Spanish Custard with Burnt Orange Carmel -- $45 (serves 10)



Agua Fresca -- $85 (5 gallons - makes 40, 16oz servings) with 20lb Ice

Our fruit and herb infused waters are made with real fruit puree, fresh herbs and lightly sweetened with agave. Agua frescos are light and refreshing by themselves or can be combined with sparkling wine or your favorite spirits. 


Blueberry Mint Crush (with blueberries)

Mango Pineapple Basil (with pineapple)

Ginger Peach (with Raspberries)

Mixed Berry Mint (with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)


*Although our paellas are prepared with gluten free ingredients, they are not prepared in a certified gluten free kitchen.


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