Traditional Paella Kit (Includes Pan & 2 - 8 Person Ingredient Kits) - Gift Box


  • Comes with the perfect amount of rice, chorizo and spice to make 2 - 8 person meals
  • Includes 15” carbon steel pan, paella rice, palacios chorizo, custom seasoning kit (containing high quality saffron, pimenton, turmeric and oregano), Paella Depot’s famous paella recipe and a link to our instructional how-to video.
  • Authentic ingredients imported from Spain
  • Great gift for those who love cooking and adventure
  • Only what you need… no extras


This giftable paella kit provides the authentic Spanish ingredients you need to prepare 2 – 8 person paella meals. Just add fresh ingredients. Included is one 15” carbon steel paella pan, Valenciano Paella Rice, proprietary paella spice kit, Palacios dry cured Spanish chorizo and our chicken & chorizo paella recipe (of course you can add seafood). The recipe also includes a link to a video which details the process further for those who may have never cooked paella or would like a refresher. The 15” carbon steel pan is perfect for serving 6-8 people and is a critical part of making your paella great. Carbon steel pans are the traditional pans to cook paella in because of their durability, temperature control, and ability to crust the rice. After use wash by hand, dry completely and apply a light coat of oil to the pan to prevent rusting. From the manufacturer: Pan uses one small burner. This pan provides excellent heat distribution, wonderful durability, and quick response to changes in temperature. This type of paella pan also produces an excellent socarrat, a caramelized crust on the bottom of the paella. If the polished steel is seasoned well and properly cared, it can last a lifetime. For best paella results, the pan should be used over a gas range or grill. Heat resistant handles. Made in Spain. Size: 15" (30cm) A true paella requires a true paella rice. Matiz Valenciano Paella Rice is a traditional medium grain rice grown in the rich soils of Spain's protected L'Albufera park of Valencia. With a high absorption rate, this rice will take on any flavors you give it, so your paella will turn out beautifully every time. 1 kg. (2.2 lbs.) Palacios Spanish chorizo is a core ingredient to a great paella. You can immediately notice the difference in flavor because the only ingredients are pork, paprika, and garlic; the thirty year old family recipe from the Rioja region guarantees authenticity and most importantly, incredible flavor.

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